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For most, it is one of the island’s oldest and most popular products – the acclaimed wine of kings.

For us, the caretakers of this national treasure, Commandaria is foremost a place, it is a labour and an identity.

Revecca winery,



The Wine

Revecca strives to offer a true reflection of terroir, with respect to our traditions and the environment.

Two wines, same place and grapes, but each with their own story to narrate.

Tasting area at Revecca Winery

Revecca winery,



winery & Museum

Embark on a captivating journey to the heart of the Commandaria region, where a warm welcome awaits you.

Immerse yourself in all that this enchanting destination has to offer, and experience the genuine hospitality of Cyprus.

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We do our best to hold frequent events and workshops at the winery as it is a great opportunity to share our knowledge and immerse visitors in the local culture.

All activities are interactive, hands-on experiences, so you will get to practice the skills and disciplines that we are learning about. Seasonality is always incorporated too, offering a direct connection with nature and the region.

Our small space means limited availability, making these experiences exclusive and intimate. We strongly recommend registering early to secure your spot and ensure you don’t miss out on these special moments.


The Region

Nestled in the foothills of the Troodos Mountains lies Commandaria — a collection of 14 villages, sparsely populated yet steeped in rich cultural heritage.

In the 12th century, after the Knights Templar relinquished their rule over Cyprus, they chose to retain several feudal estates. One of the estates was “La Grande Commanderie”, where templar knights oversaw the production and export of wine.

As the wine gained popularity in the courts of Europe under the influence of the Knights, it took on the name of its place of origin, becoming known as Commandaria.

Over the subsequent seven centuries, amidst the rise and fall of empires, the region underwent significant changes — population displacements, redrawn borders, abandoned villages, and the establishment of new ones. Even today, urbanization and gentrification continue to reshape the landscape. What remains unchanged, however, is the local winemaking heritage, serving as the binding force that unites the fourteen villages of the region. 

To make their prized wine, the Templar Knights employed a well-established winemaking practice dating back to ancient history, where grapes were left to sun-dry after the harvest. As the grapes laid in the sun, water evaporated and sugars concentrated, resulting in a rich sweet wine.

Some references to Cypriot sweet wine date as far back as 800BC, giving Commandaria an even older claim to fame. Today, we celebrate Commandaria not just for the length of its history, but also for its rich and enduring story.

Commandaria is an identity shared by both the region and its renowned wine. Whether from established wineries or humble backyard sheds, Commandaria stands as a symbol of Cyprus’ winemaking prowess, skilfully blending innovation with a deep respect for tradition, creating wines that pay homage to their roots while embracing the evolving world.


Our Philosophy

We are a family-run winery, making approximately 7,000 bottles of wine each year – a humble winery by any comparison – and as proud as we may be of our wine, Commandaria not quite mainstream. So instead, we try to keep things simple and genuine – we stand our ground by putting emphasis on quality and sustainability.

Genuine Stories  –  Each wine, each experience, is constructed from the ground up to present genuine narratives with an emphasis on process, people and places. Our tales extend past documented history, conveying oral tradition and our own empirical knowledge, gained through years of working and living in the region.

Cypriot Hospitality  –  It goes beyond mere gestures – it’s a collection of social values passed down through generations. We welcome our guests as cherished members of our extended family, going out of our way to offer kindness and comfort. Your experience is personal and tailored, ensuring you feel part of every step.

Tradition & Innovation  –  We recognise that tradition and innovation are not polar opposites, but two sides of the same coin – today’s innovation will become tomorrow’s tradition. We take decisions by contemplating the philosophy and values behind our heritage, rather than adhering to austere practices or blindly following demand and trends. It lets us breathe new life into Cypriot traditions, allowing them to be passed on and experienced by more generations.



Revecca strives to be a true reflection of terroir and heritage – a desert wine made with respect to the environment and our traditions.

Our connection to the land is reflected in the meticulous care we provide to our vineyards. We manage all of our vineyards directly and know each field vine by vine, emphasising a commitment to excellence that now spans three generations.

At the core of our vineyards are two ancient varieties: Xynisteri and Mavro Ambelissimo. Both grapes, rooted in the island’s history for millennia, offering a unique identity to our wines.

We keep it simple and honest with certified organic practices – minimal intervention and no synthetic additives. Our goal is to express both grape and terroir, while respecting the environment and the local biodiversity.

Our ungrafted vines tell a story of resilience. Having escaped the phylloxera outbreak of the 19th century, we continue to propagate our plants from cuttings of the most robust old vines, preserving a piece of history in every harvest.

We stay true to traditional practices, using the proven training method of the region. Goblets require less intervention and are resilient to weather and disease. Our vines are trained higher off the ground, planted with ample distance between them, reducing total yield, but amplifying the goblet’s health benefits.

It’s the law – no irrigation allowed. Instead of fighting it, we’ve embraced the challenge, putting substantial effort to create sustainable vineyards – sacrificing productivity for vine health and a high quality raw material.

Our vineyards are located in a historical winemaking region on the foothills of Troodos Mountain, between 600 and 800 meters. The steep slopes offer ideal sun exposure to ripen our grapes, while cool nights and alpine winds slow down the process, maintaining bright acidity and a balance in our wine.

Every grape is harvested by hand – a meticulous process that allows for gentle handling and careful selection. It’s a practical approach that ensures the quality of our wines without any unnecessary frills



Commandaria stands as a symbol of Cyprus’ winemaking prowess, skilfully blending innovation with a deep respect for tradition, creating wines that pay homage to their roots while embracing the evolving world.

Following the harvest, grapes are laid out on sheets in the vineyard for sun-drying. This process, spanning two weeks, concentrates the flavour profile and sugars naturally as water evaporates from the grapes – no other sweeteners are used.

After sun-drying, the grapes are pressed with a basket press. The gentle process yields a high quality juice that doesn’t need further fining. While the press requires a lot of manual work and doesn’t scale well with volume, it suits our small production volume well.

Continuing a local winemaking tradition that spans millennia, we ferment with wild yeasts. We overcome the challenge of consistency by ensuring an excellent fermentation environment and consistent process, allowing the spontaneous fermentation to add a distinct layer of complexity to each vintage.

Our philosophy of minimal intervention extends into vinification, with no vinification additives other than the absolute necessary level of sulphites going into the wine.

Though fortification was considered the norm over the past centuries, the production Commandaria long predates the ability to even produce the high percentage alcohol required for fortification. In line with our philosophy of no additives, we allow fermentation to finish naturally without fortification.

Though barrel maturation is a controversial topic for Commandaria, a minimum of two years in oak is required for the AOC status. We mature our wines for two to four years in old French and American oak barrels, allowing for the development of complexity without overshadowing the wine’s natural qualities.

winery & museum

wine tastings

& the exhibition

Revecca was a housewife of Agios Mamas — a housekeeper, a farmer and mother. Her family home,  passed down the generations, has been recently restored to house our winery and museum. 

The exhibition is a celebration of the traditional rural lifestyle and the rich history that has shaped Commandaria over the millennia. Explore the region, its people and significant events through a  curated collection of tools, houseware, memorabilia and artwork.

Grandma Revecca’s kitchen has also been renovated to form a tasting area and shop. Here, you may try our Commandaria in its traditional form, and through seasonal experiments that showcase its culinary and mixology potential.

Opening Hours

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The museum welcomes walk-in visitors and is free to access. For a more in-depth experience, guided tours are available by appointment – call 97536910 or message us through any of the links below.

winery & MUSEUM

agios mamas

Aptly named after Saint Mamas, a venerated symbol of resilience, the village offers an unspoiled glimpse into rural life. Having escaped the challenges posed by rapid and indiscriminate development in the recent decades, Agios Mamas emerged as a haven committed to preserving and showcasing its cherished traditional identity.

The village core has evolved into a dedicated conservation zone, guiding thoughtful development and renovations that celebrate the village’s authentic rustic charm. Quaint country homes, cobblestone streets decorated with almond trees, hanging vines and bougainvillea — it’s a place where time seems to slow down.

Surrounded by rolling hills draped with vines, Agios Mamas is nestled at the heart of Commandaria, with intersecting trails leading to the winemaking regions of Pitsilia and Krasochoria. This strategic location positions the village as a gateway for enthusiasts eager to embark on scenic hikes and day-trips to unveil the treasures of Cypriot winemaking.

By Car: Agios Mamas is a half-hour drive from Limassol. Roads are well-maintained, ensuring a smooth journey. However, be prepared for narrow streets within the village itself. Coaches are advised to stop at the village entrance.

By Bus: If you prefer public transport, Bus 65 operates in both directions between “Leontiou EMEL Station” in Limassol and Agios Mamas. Check the schedule on EMEL’s website for convenient travel times.

Parking: Free public parking is available by the village church – see here. Please avoid roadside parking to protect your vehicle and ensure smooth traffic flow.

winery & museum


revecca house

Sleeps 4, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, lounge

Revecca House is a cosy country home, nestled on the edge of Agios Mamas, at the foothills of Troodos mountain. The home offers families and friends an intimate space and the relaxed freedom to plan their days any way they choose. This secluded spot is a peaceful retreat like no other.