Revecca winery,



Grand vintage

These renditions of our Commandaria are only made from exceptional vintages, undergoing extended maturation, to showcase the region’s highest potential.


In the field, the summer of 2015 was a moderate one by Cypriot standards – dry as usual, but fortunately very few heat spikes with short duration. At the winery, it was our first vintage as full-time winemakers at a commercial level. Be it wariness or excitement, It encouraged us to take things slow, to be methodical and precise.


Clear tawny appearance. Crisp aromas of kumquat, caramel and grape molasses opening up to dried fig and honey. A silky palate that balances the luscious dried fruit character, with bitter baking components such as tobacco, burnt sugar and vanilla. The composition really comes together on the finish, mellow and long-lasting, reminiscent of a delicate creme brûlée.

AOC Commandaria

Xynisteri & Mavro


Total Acidity
73.3 meq/L

Volatile Acidity
19.9 meq/L

Residual Sugar
186.1 g/L


Grapes, preservative (sulphites).

Nutritional Information
(per 100ml serving)

Energy: 151 kcal
Carbohydrates: 20.4g
of which sugars:  20.4g
Fat: < 0.05g
Protein: < 0.05g
Salt: <0.01g

Serving Temperature

–  Lightly tangy desserts such lemon cakes or New York cheesecake.
–  Savoury vegetal dishes such as sautéed mushrooms.
–  Creamy proteins such as grilled prawns, mussels, foie gras.


Revecca strives to be a true reflection of terroir and heritage – a desert wine made with respect to the environment and our traditions.

Our connection to the land is reflected in the meticulous care we provide to our vineyards. We manage all of our vineyards directly and know each field vine by vine, emphasising a commitment to excellence that now spans three generations.

At the core of our vineyards are two ancient varieties: Xynisteri and Mavro Ambelissimo. Both grapes, rooted in the island’s history for millennia, offering a unique identity to our wines.

We keep it simple and honest with certified organic practices – minimal intervention and no synthetic additives. Our goal is to express both grape and terroir, while respecting the environment and the local biodiversity.

Our ungrafted vines tell a story of resilience. Having escaped the phylloxera outbreak of the 19th century, we continue to propagate our plants from cuttings of the most robust old vines, preserving a piece of history in every harvest.

We stay true to traditional practices, using the proven training method of the region. Goblets require less intervention and are resilient to weather and disease. Our vines are trained higher off the ground, planted with ample distance between them, reducing total yield, but amplifying the goblet’s health benefits.

It’s the law – no irrigation allowed. Instead of fighting it, we’ve embraced the challenge, putting substantial effort to create sustainable vineyards – sacrificing productivity for vine health and a high quality raw material.

Our vineyards are located in a historical winemaking region on the foothills of Troodos Mountain, between 600 and 800 meters. The steep slopes offer ideal sun exposure to ripen our grapes, while cool nights and alpine winds slow down the process, maintaining bright acidity and a balance in our wine.

Every grape is harvested by hand – a meticulous process that allows for gentle handling and careful selection. It’s a practical approach that ensures the quality of our wines without any unnecessary frills


Commandaria stands as a symbol of Cyprus’ winemaking prowess, skilfully blending innovation with a deep respect for tradition, creating wines that pay homage to their roots while embracing the evolving world.

Following the harvest, grapes are laid out on sheets in the vineyard for sun-drying. This process, spanning two weeks, concentrates the flavour profile and sugars naturally as water evaporates from the grapes – no other sweeteners are used.

After sun-drying, the grapes are pressed with a basket press. The gentle process yields a high quality juice that doesn’t need further fining. While the press requires a lot of manual work and doesn’t scale well with volume, it suits our small production volume well.

Continuing a local winemaking tradition that spans millennia, we ferment with wild yeasts. We overcome the challenge of consistency by ensuring an excellent fermentation environment and consistent process, allowing the spontaneous fermentation to add a distinct layer of complexity to each vintage.

Our philosophy of minimal intervention extends into vinification, with no vinification additives other than the absolute necessary level of sulphites going into the wine.

Though fortification was considered the norm over the past centuries, the production Commandaria long predates the ability to even produce the high percentage alcohol required for fortification. In line with our philosophy of no additives, we allow fermentation to finish naturally without fortification.

This release was first matured for four years in old French barrels, then an additional four years in the bottle, allowing the oak’s influence to interweave with the luscious sun-dried character.