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We do our best to hold frequent events and workshops at the winery as it is a great opportunity to share our knowledge and immerse visitors in the local culture.

All activities are interactive, hands-on experiences, so you will get to practice the skills and disciplines that we are learning about. Seasonality is always incorporated too, offering a direct connection with nature and the region.

Our small space means limited availability, making these experiences exclusive and intimate. We strongly recommend registering early to secure your spot and ensure you don’t miss out on these special moments.




Join us for a vineyard hike and winery dinner!

You’re invited to leisurely hike through the stunning vineyards of Mount Zalakas in the heart of the Commandaria region. Discover the terroir of this unique landscape before indulging in a hearty dinner at our winery.

Part 1 . . . Vineyard Hike

Route: A 5km circlular trail through Agios Mamas and the surrounding vineyards, split into two segments. The elevation ranges between 600 and 800 meters, with some light slopes, but otherwise clear and accessible paths.

Theme: The hike will be an interactive and educational experience, focusing on mount Zalakas’ terroir and Commandaria. As always, we’ll discuss documented facts, but our intent is to also convey oral history and our own empirical knowledge, gained from working and living in the region. Both Greek and English will be available.¬†

Time: We’ll depart at 17:00, when the sun is lower and the temperature much more pleasant. Please arrive at the winery by 16:45.

Essentials: Water and first-aid will be available during the hike, but don’t forget to bring the essentials – comfortable hiking shoes, hat and sunscreen!

Part 2 . . . Winery Diner

Menu: Once back at the winery, we will serve a hearty beef stifado, cooked in our commandaria. The meal will be served with roasted vegetables, a village salad, and paired with a zesty commandaria cocktail. We are happy to cater to your dietary preferences with prior notice.

Time: Dinner will be served around 19:30, and expected to end around 21:00.


Reservation: Early reservations are advised since we can only host up to 15 persons for each workshops.

Price: 20 euro per person, which includes the hike, dinner and cocktail.

Private Booking: This workshop can also be booked as a private event. Reach out at any of our contact info, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the process.